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Something federal this way comes

Citta v Cawthorn concerns the limits on jurisdiction of State tribunals (like VCAT) which are not courts of a State. The case explains the scope of matters arising under the Constitution or under a Commonwealth law. These questions are also relevant when determining whether federal courts have jurisdiction.

Recent public law cases of interest

(Or: Tsundoku, being the practice of acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up in the hope of reading them “later”.)

Recent decisions for the reading lists of those with an interest in public law.

Protection visas can be refused under s 501 on character grounds

In a joint judgment, a Full Court of five members (Allsop CJ, Kenny, Besanko, Mortimer and Moshinsky JJ) held that the power in s 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) to refuse to grant a visa can be used to refuse an application for a protection visa, even if the applicant otherwise satisfies the protection visa criteria.