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Everlyte Ltd and Registrar of Personal Property Securities [2020] AATA 2584

PERSONAL PROPERTY SECURITIES REGISTER (PPSR) – Applicant registered security interest in collateral (helicopter) – helicopter stolen and sold to other party – other party on-sold helicopter to third party and applied to register financing change statement to end applicant’s interest – meaning of “security interest” – decision affirmed

Managing complexity in cartel conduct prosecutions

When competition and criminal law collide. This case note discusses the interlocutory appeal in Country Care Group v CDPP, in which the Full Court of the Federal Court considered the complexity of criminal prosecutions for cartel offences and the need to direct juries about alternative pathways to conviction.

Protection visas can be refused under s 501 on character grounds

In a joint judgment, a Full Court of five members (Allsop CJ, Kenny, Besanko, Mortimer and Moshinsky JJ) held that the power in s 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) to refuse to grant a visa can be used to refuse an application for a protection visa, even if the applicant otherwise satisfies the protection visa criteria.

Apprehended Bias and the Fast Track Review of Visa Refusals

A unanimous (five Justice) High Court approval of the apprehended bias test in Ebner v Official Trustee in Bankruptcy. Three Justice majority conclusions about the application of the Ebner test, and the requirement of materiality in a jurisdictional error before a decision will be invalidated.

Defteros v Google LLC [2020] VSC 219

Mr George Defteros is a solicitor specialising in criminal law. He acted for a number of defendants to criminal charges arising out of Melbourne’s Gangland wars of the 80s and 90s.

He sued Google LLC for defamation arising out the results of searches made available by Google’s search engine.