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High Court finds settlement between one co-surety and lender does not affect other co-surety’s right to claim contribution in equity where contribution disproportionate

The decision of the High Court of Australia confirms and explains the application of the equitable doctrine of contribution between co-sureties. It provides a helpful summary of the law in respect of co-ordinate liabilities and the nature of covenants not to sue, all of which should be kept in mind by co-sureties when settling recovery proceedings brought against them by a lender.

Forged mortgage and loan documents give rise to a mortgage which secures nothing

Justice Hargrave has declined to follow the earlier decision of Justice Pagone in Solak v Bank of Western Australia Ltd [2009] VSC 82. The cases involved the construction of a registered “all monies” mortgage which included a forged mortgage document and a forged loan agreement. Justice Hargrave followed New South Wales Court of Appeal decisions in holding that the mortgage effectively secures nothing because the underlying loan documents had been forged.

What is an “arbitration”?

Are proceedings before the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal an “arbitration” for the purposes of the Commercial Arbitration Act 2011 (Vic) such that ASADA is entitled to subpoenas pursuant to section 27A of the Act requiring witnesses to attend and produce documents before the Tribunal?

Young Asian barristers series pt II

Interview with Cam Truong. This is the second in a four part series of interviews between CommBar and some of the Asia Practice Section’s up-and-coming members who explain something about their backgrounds and how life at the Bar for a person of Asian heritage throws up challenges.