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The company will repay the loan when it can afford to! How certain is that?

The Supreme Court of Victoria has dismissed an application by a company to set aside a statutory demand which sought repayment of a loan which was to be repaid “as soon as practicable”. The Court held that the term as to repayment was void for uncertainty, and that the loan was accordingly immediately due and payable from its inception.

“Procedural” decisions and procedural fairness

The High Court has confirmed that the making of a “procedural” decision to consider exercising a non-compellable discretion to either grant a visa or to permit a further application for a protection visa (which decision has the effect of prolonging the mandatory detention of those affected) gives rise to an obligation to accord procedural fairness.

Equitable estoppel – what must be shown to establish the equity?

In Crown Melbourne Ltd, the High Court held that a statement that lessees “would be looked after at renewal time” did not give rise to an estoppel in favour of the lessees. The judgments of the majority members of the Court should not distract attention from, or suggest a confinement of, the broad inquiry involved in assessing a claim of promissory (or proprietary) estoppel.